What is your shipping and return policy?

You can learn more about our shipping and return policies HERE.

How do I order prescription glasses?

As of July 31, 2022 we have discontinued our in-house prescription and reading lens services. We are streamlining and focusing on non-prescription sun & blue light lenses.

You can still purchase just our frames HERE and to get prescription sun, optical, and reader lenses done through Lensabl or your local optometrist office.

Or you can shop Genusee's frame + prescription blue light lenses online through our friends at Gamer Advantage HERE

If you have any additional questions regarding getting prescription lenses in your frames reach out to contact@genusee.com

Do you accept HSA/FSA cards as payment?

We currently do not accept HSA/FSA cards as payment, but you can submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How can I try on your glasses before I order?

You can try on Genusee eyewear at select stockist HERE.

Are you actually making your glasses in Flint?

Yes! The majority of our supply chain (besides our hinges which come from Italy, for now) is within an 188 mile radius of Flint. The plastic bottles to make our glasses have been sourced from Flint and are processed in Michigan with other bottles from Michigan and the Midwestern, United States. The bottles are turned into pellets which we locally injection mold into the parts (face and temples) that make our frames. Those parts are then post processed for over 150 hours, sanded, hand filed, buffed, and assembled with riveted hinges at our facility in Flint. Additionally every pair of lenses are custom finished and installed locally in Flint.

How are you giving back to Flint?

We believe that by bringing a new manufacturing legacy to the city of Flint and creating sustainable living wage jobs is a key to social and economic justice. We specifically hire with a Flint-first approach and are biased towards hiring the structurally unemployable, returning citizens (individuals coming out of incarceration) and, low income individuals in the Flint community and empower them with new skills and opportunity. 

Why do you only donate 1% of profits to Flint?

We are not a charity. We are a for profit benefit corporation (social enterprise.) We believe that business can and should be used as a driving force for doing good in our communities and world.

Our main focus of impact are upcycling single-use plastics into products of purpose and need and creating jobs for the people of Flint. Additionally we have chosen to donate 1% of net profits to the Flint Promise & Child Health and Development Fund house by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint because we believe in the work they are doing to support children and families in Flint. 1% is also a minimum commitment, it doesn’t mean we can’t do more! If you are interested in supporting these funds directly please visit https://www.cfgf.org/

How is your packaging sustainable?

All of our packaging has been thoughtfully, locally, and sustainably sourced and is either recyclable, compostable, or reusable. Every purchase comes in a polishing bag that is made from 50% rPET / 50% organic cotton sourced from deadstock from a mill in North Carolina and sewn locally my a group of women at the NEW Life Center on the North Side of Flint. We ship your purchase in a box made from 90%+ recycled cardboard that is sourced from Lansing, Michigan and made in Bay City, Michigan. Any packing materials are either recycled or reused. Any printed materials are printed on 100% recycled paper stock or seed paper.

What is the Buy Back Membership? 

When you make a Genusee eyewear purchase you automatically become a lifetime Buy Back Member which means we’re committed to partnering with you to take responsibility for our product in the ecosystem.

  • Join the Change  
  • Once you purchase your first pair of Genusee glasses at full price ($99+). Every Genusee eyewear purchase comes with a lifetime Buy Back Membership. 

  • Change Out
  • You lead the way. Whenever you’re ready for a new pair of glasses, change out and use code MEMBER for 20% OFF your future purchases. You’ll receive your new pair of glasses with a pre-paid return label to mail your used pair back to us to be upcycled back into our material stream. That’s how we close the loop. 

  • Return & Upcycle
  • Use the prepaid return label that comes in the box with your new glasses to send us your old pair and we will upcycle them back into our material stream. That’s how we close the loop. 

    How do I know if I’m a Buy Back Member?

    If you’ve purchased a pair of Genusee glasses already, consider yourself IN!

    I’m already a Buy Back Member, how do I get discounts on my future purchases? 

    You can use code MEMBER on all future purchases. If you’ve previously made a purchase and the code doesn’t work for you please email us contact@genusee.com

    How do I Change Out for a new pair of glasses?

    Place your purchase with the code MEMBER and we will send a prepaid return address label with your order to ship back your old glasses to be upcycled. 

    How can I send back my used Genusee glasses to be upcycled?

    You can either make a new purchase with the code MEMBER and we will send a prepaid return address label with your order to ship back your old glasses to be upcycled. Or email us contact@genusee.com and we can send you a pre-paid return label.

    Do I have to send you back my glasses when I Change Out?

    No. You’re in the driver seat. We encourage you to wear, care, and love your glasses for as long as possible. But we’re here for you when and if you’re ready to upcycle them so just shoot us an email and we’ll help you out contact@genusee.com

    Can I send you non-Genusee glasses to be recycled?

    You can ship your non-Genusee glasses right to our HQ for recycling!
    Once received, we will issue you a $5 gift card for each pair sent in to be recycled (up to 10 pairs) and you can use that towards your first purchase.
    You can mail in your non-Genusee glasses for recycling to:
    ATTN: Recycling
    615 S. Saginaw Street
    6th Floor
    Flint, MI 48502
    If you want we can send you a pre-paid shipping label that you can print out and $5 will be deducted from your final store credit to cover the cost of shipping. Email contact@genusee.com 

    Do you sell gift cards?

    We have discontinued the sale of gift cards at this time. Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Genusee gift card. You can purchase a gift card here. 

    Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

    If for some reason the recipient doesn't love their new eyewear within the first 30 days, they can return the eyewear for a refund to their original Genusee gift card or exchange the glasses for another pair - no questions asked.

    Can I return a gift card?

    Our gift cards are non-refundable, but they are transferrable. If for some reason you don’t love your new Genusee, we’ll gladly take them back within 30 days and give you a full refund on the gift card—no questions asked.

    Can I send you plastic bottles to be recycled?

    Currently we cannot accept your bottles. We encourage you to first and foremost refuse single-use plastic. But if you have to use plastic please recycle it locally.